Law Enforcement Defense

To Protect And Serve Those Who Protect Us

The potential for life-changing consequences exists for anyone accused of a crime. However, when law enforcement officials face legal trouble, the burden is often significantly heavier. Alleged police officer misconduct comes under intense scrutiny from the public and media outlets, making an already difficult situation even more challenging.

As the son of a Colombian National Police officer, Walter Ruiz has a connection to law enforcement that makes him particularly sensitive to the challenges that officers face in the line of duty. His father’s role in combating narco-traffickers and paramilitaries led to a bounty being placed on his head, and Mr. Ruiz was inspired by the bravery and commitment of his father and other officers like him.

Everyone deserves fair and unbiased consideration when accused of a crime, but police officers are often judged by the court of public opinion long before their official investigation or hearing. The recent demand for police accountability has at times led to an overcorrection in disciplinary procedures, causing many departments to reprimand and suspend officers before fully investigating the alleged misconduct.

Having an experienced defense attorney on your side can mitigate the effects of this judge first ask questions later mentality. If you are a police officer or other law enforcement official facing administrative action or criminal charges, you deserve an attorney who will level the playing field with aggressive advocacy and a carefully crafted public relations strategy.