Product Liability

Legal Representation for Injured Consumers

Walter Ruiz

As consumers, we expect that the products we buy are safe for use and consumption. We trust companies to ensure their products are not defective or unsafe. Unfortunately, faulty and dangerous products injure people far too often, and these injuries can create life-altering impacts for unsuspecting victims.

A product liability lawsuit serves as a way for you to recover compensation for your injuries, allowing you to begin the process of physical, emotional, and financial healing. When a corporation or business is responsible for harming you with defective products, you shouldn’t be left alone to deal with the fallout. Walter Ruiz will provide tireless and dedicated legal representation, helping you hold the at-fault company responsible for the damage they have caused.


In a product liability case, you may be able to build grounds for a lawsuit against a manufacturer, distributor, or a number of other potentially liable parties involved in the creation, design, or sale of a product. Determining who is responsible for your specific injuries or harm can be challenging because there are often dozens of people and entities that play a part in a product’s transition from idea to sale.

Working with an experienced trial attorney will give you the best chance at identifying the at-fault party or parties, creating a strong case against them, and reaching a successful outcome in your case. You deserve restitution for the damages you’ve suffered.

After an unexpected and traumatic event, your recovery is of the utmost importance. Mr. Ruiz prioritizes his clients’ well-being, which means he puts his best effort into presenting their cases and giving them the best chance of recovering much-needed compensation.