Lawyer Discipline


Walter Ruiz

Even attorneys need legal representation when they are facing misconduct allegations. When lawyers need an attorney to represent them in disciplinary proceedings, they look for legal peers with extensive experience and proven success rates. While national and state bar associations have a significant impact on every aspect of a lawyer’s practice, few attorneys are familiar with the disciplinary process.

Any violation of the American Bar Association or state bar rules could lead to sanctions that range from a reprimand to disbarment. Allegations that put an attorney’s career and livelihood at risk require a strategic and aggressive defense strategy.

Mr. Ruiz will thoughtfully assess the details of your case to determine the best strategy, including cases of alleged:

  • Misappropriation of funds;
  • Dishonesty, deceit, or fraud;
  • Violation or attempted violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct; and
  • Willful violation of prior order from the board.

The lawyer disciplinary system is designed to protect the public from lawyer misconduct and offer both deterrence and rehabilitation to legal practitioners. However, for the accused attorney, it can often feel like an unwarranted attack. Contact Walter Ruiz if you want a fierce defender and experienced legal tactician on your side to defend against misconduct allegations.


Medical Malpractice

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Doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other medical professionals are held to a high standard due to the specialized care they provide to their patients. We rely on them when we are injured, sick, and at our most vulnerable. Medical negligence, malice, or fraud can breach a patient’s trust and have devastating consequences on their physical and psychological well-being.

A medical malpractice claim can be a stepping stone on the path to recovery if you’ve been injured by a physician or other healthcare practitioner that failed to provide an appropriate level of care. Medical errors happen every day, but when these mistakes cause life-altering damage, you have legal recourse to seek the justice you deserve.

If you decide to pursue a medical malpractice claim, you must be prepared to prove the following:

  • That the doctor or other healthcare provider, or a medical facility failed to treat you according to the appropriate standard of care; and
  • That you suffered injury or harm due to this negligence or failure.

Walter Ruiz is a powerful ally in your pursuit of restitution by offering compassionate guidance and aggressive advocacy.


Medical malpractice cases can be built based on negligence or malfeasance grounds, with common types including misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, and surgical error. We will prepare a strong case against the at-fault medical provider or facility by reviewing medical documentation, consulting with expert witnesses, establishing that the doctor violated the standard of care expectation, and connecting your injuries to the medical professional’s actions.

You deserve legal representation from an attorney who is invested not only in your medical malpractice case but also in your recovery. Mr. Ruiz sees his clients as more than just parties in a case but as people who deserve care, respect, and justice.


Sometimes you have to go to war.

Walter RuizOUR CLIENTS: Are those whose life, liberty, reputation, livelihood or property are at stake. People who need an advocate, an ally, a voice in times of trouble.

THE FIRM’S MISSION: To preserve, protect and promote our client’s interests. We seek to level the playing field, speak truth to power and reveal the justice in our client’s cause.


The advocacy of your cause will be based on certain core principles:

FOCUSED INTENSITY: This is not a high-volume practice. Fewer cases mean greater focus. By taking on fewer select cases, we sharpen our focus of the facts and refine our vision of the best path to a successful outcome.

PRESSURE IS A PRIVILEDGE: High stakes and high-profile cases are best handled by pressure tested experts with a proven track record.

STRATEGIC PLANING: We will analyze your case, strategically staff with subject matter experts and implement a litigation plan by exercising strategic patience or decisive action depending on the unique aspects of your cause.

RELENTLESS ADVOCACY: We will advocate for you with relentless courage and fight for every inch to out-work and outlast our opponents.

UNDIVIDED LOYALTY. This firm is committed to honest client centered representation.  A law firm should serve the client first, not profit. You will receive a thorough, honest and direct assessment of your case. While at times such an assessment may not be pleasant or what you’d prefer to hear, it will be the truth. This is our greatest responsibility and my commitment to you.

Trial of Queen Caroline 8 (1821)

An Advocate, in the discharge of his duty, knows but one person in all the world, and that person is his client. To save the client by all means and expedients, and at all hazards and costs to other persons, and, amongst them, to himself, is his first and only duty; and in performing this duty he must not regard the alarm, the torments, the destruction which he may bring upon others…